Youth Director


Hi Everyone,

Another year has come and gone; it has seemed to go by quite fast intertwined with five trips for the church.

I attended General Assembly and was nominated and installed to be on the “Student & College Ministry” branch of our EPC denomination. This entails working with several others in student or college ministries and equipping youth directors with ministry re- sources. So in October I spent a weekend in meetings at the EPC headquarters (near Detroit, Michigan) to better educate myself. It has been a humbling experience. There is an overwhelming need for resources that equip young people. Another meet- ing will be held in February 2015.

A mission trip to our sister church in Brooklyn, NY was a great experience. We assisted in repairing homes that had been severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy. It seemed like what we were doing was so small in the big picture, but by us being there it saved them approximately $10,000 in labor cost.

It was amazing to spend time with students one-on-one at junior and senior high Young Life Castaway Camp in Minnesota. Five new students and one new leader went this year. As I listened to what they are going through in their lives, I got to know them better and hopefully will be able to help them through it with God’s guidance and direction.

In December, once a week I began eating lunch with students at school. The kids seem surprised to see me. This has been a fun way to reach some of the kids who would not step into a church. Getting through to teens is a great undertaking—kids question, and we as leaders must have a solid answer to their questions.

It has been a great year serving God and allowing the Spirit to work through me as I meet with kids who want to know more about Him or those whom are questioning whether He even exists. Please continue to uplift me in prayer as I interact with the youth in the year ahead.

Thank you to all who support us through donations, attendance at fundraisers, and prayer. We could not do it without you!